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Aoi Uno is a former 1st Year student from Class 1-C and current 2nd Year student attending Class 2-E at Sakurazaki Academy. She was a heroine and one of Tenzou's love interests in the previous game Gal*Gun, and she is a shopkeeper at the Academy Store in Gal*Gun: Double Peace.


Aoi has green eyes, and has short orange and red hair, featuring two orange and red "rabbit ears". In Double Peace, she wears the school's blue and white 2nd year summer uniform, along with a pair of black fingerless gloves and purple and pink striped thigh-high socks.


Gal*Gun Returns Website Profile[]

A first year student, she has a pretty rough way of speaking and is not afraid to say exactly what is on her mind. She's a pure rock'n'roll girl who is doing everything she can to make her rock star dreams come true. The other girls treat her like a cute little pet bunny. She comes from an incredibly poor family, and is inherantly terrible at academics. She's interested in romance, but doesn't have the slightest clue about it.

Gal*Gun: Double Peace Website Profile[]

A 2nd year student in Houdai's class at Sakurazaki Academy. Aoi is a super energetic girl with a trademark "bunny ear" hairstyle. She's the lead vocalist and guitarist for the all-girl band, "LOVE HEARTS." She's currently raising money for her band by working at the school store. Her mere presence in the store has already attracted plenty of customers. Houdai's Super Popularity seems to have no affect on her, allowing him to let down his guard for some brief respite as he shops.

Gal*Gun: Double Peace[]

Super-cheerful as is befitting a girl who wears rabbit ears! She's the lead guitarist and vocalist in the band LOVEHEARTS. She works at the store to earn money for the band.

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Gal*Gun Returns[]

Guitarist of the LOVE HEARTS band. A pure-hearted rock 'n' roller who spares no effort for her craft. Her family is extremely poor but it doesn't bother her at all.

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Gal*Gun Returns[]


  • "Owww! I TOLD you to get outta the way! head's killin' me~!"
  • "Wooooooooh! Here we gooooooo!"
  • "Senpai! Why won't you listen to my song?!" (If player gets defeated by her)
  • "Oh... Whoaaahhhh...! Fantastic!"

Lyrics Minigame[]

  • "I know you'll come up with some epic lyrics!"
  • "Okay, next up!"
  • "Yeah! That's awesome!" (If the player chooses the correct lyrics)
  • "Oof... That's sooo lame..." (If the player chooses the wrong lyrics)
  • "Senpai... Put some thought into it!" (If the player chooses the wrong lyrics)
  • "S-Senpai! Did you seriously just pass out?! Senpaaaaaai!!" (If the player fails minigame)


  • Because of her appearance and potential ending in Gal*Gun Double Peace, Aoi is the only route from Gal*Gun that cannot be canon.
  • Aoi is mentioned in an optional conversation in Azure Striker Gunvolt, another series developed by Inti Creates. In this conversation, Aoi is a legendary rock star who had her big break before either Joule or Gunvolt were born.