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Aya Takajoh is a 3rd Year student attending class 3-C at Sakurazaki Academy and an NPC in Gal*Gun 2.



Gal*Gun 2

The Tea Ceremony Club president who exudes an aura of mature allure.

Despite her upbringing in a traditional home, she loves to talk. She enjoys chatting over tea snacks more than she enjoys the actual preparation of the tea.

Her mature aura causes everyone to speak formally with her, even teachers. She has the biggest bust in the entire school.

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  • "I feel so relaxed when I talk to you."
  • "My spoiled little brother keeps jumping into my chest! That's why my boobs... Wait, why am I telling you...! Oh my..."
  • "I know you're staring at my boobs." (Starring at her chest)
  • "Hey~ Don't be naughty now..."
  • "If you have any worries, don't hesitate to talk with me, alright? I'll help out in any way I can...okay?"
  • "You sure have some nice taste, huh."
  • "Want to visit the Tea Ceremony Club? We really just have snacks and chat, really. And it's all girls, you know? Teehee."
  • "Please...don't stare at my legs..." (Her legs)
  • "Augh...they're thick, and not pretty..." (Her legs)
  • "It's that's enough." (Her legs)
  • "Geez! You're such a pervert...!" (Looking under her skirt)
  • "Sometimes you act just like a little brat..." (Looking under her skirt)
  • "No...give me some space..." (Close)
  • "Ahh...don't stare so seriously..." (Close)
  • "If my old lady saw this... I'm sure she'd be furious... Teehee."
  • "Heheh, it feels quite refreshing" (Changing clothes)
  • "Okay, see you later. Bye-bye." (Leaving)
  • "Kiss my feet... and I'll give you something better...♥" (Kiss foot offer)
  • "Geez~ The more naughty you are... the more it makes me want to tease you♥" (Kiss foot Refuse)
  • "Teeheehee...♥ What a good boy~♥" (Kiss foot Accept)
  • "I'm gonna take eeextra good care of you...♥" (Kiss foot Accept 2)
  • "My chest warm... Please...touch me..." (Kiss Offer)
  • "Ah~ too bad...If you were my boyfriend, I'd let you play with my boobs all you want." (Kiss Refuse)
  • "I belong to you now... in mind...and body...♥" (Kiss Accept)


  • Aya has the largest bust out of all the female characters with given measurements.
  • Aya is the only female character with a given measurement in the triple-digits.