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Chiru Kondo is one of the main heroines from Gal*Gun 2. She is a truant 1st Year student from class 1-A at Sakurazaki Academy. She is the protagonist's neighbor and one of his love interests. She loves candy and playing retro games, but doesn't like going outside. Chiru is also a capable mechanic, and upgrades the player's gear when provided with the needed parts.


Chiru has platinum blonde hair with twintails and an ahoge, wearing cat-shaped hair accessories for her twintails and a hair clip for one of her bangs. Additionally, she has yellow eyes, which are often shown with bags underneath due to her tendency to stay up late. She wears a red and white sweater, a short black skirt, and bandages on her legs.


Chiru lives with her grandparents next-door to the protagonist, and refuses to go to school due to her disdain for most humans. Instead, she stays home and plays retro games. She can see Risu and the Pheromone Goggles, despite normal humans being unable to do so. Over the course of the events in her route, she slowly takes steps to start going to school.

However, during one particular outing, she gets possessed by Kurona's demons, and confesses her feelings for the protagonist after being exorcised. A few days after this confession, Chiru is revealed to be an angel who had been exiled by the Goddess. In Route A, she does not elaborate on the reason for this exile, but refuses to go back to heaven because she prefers the snacks and games of the human world. Additionally, she was considered a "once-in-a-millenium genius," and was responsible for creating the prototype for the Pheromone Goggles. Finally, she is in the process of creating an anti-Goddess grade weapon, the Neo Heart Blazer.

In Route B, it is revealed that the her exile was due to an attempt to create a weapon capable of eliminating humanity after dealing with toxic trolls in an online game. When the Goddess discovered this, she was angered and forced Chiru to lose her angelic power and attend school as a human to study them. Her punishment had ended once she ended up loving some humans, which is why her angelic power returned.


Gal*Gun 2[]

Official Website Profile[]





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In-Game Profile[]

A girl who lives in the former old-fashioned candy store next to your house.

She's technically a first year student, but she's always truant.

She likes candy and retro games, and is good at tinkering with machines. She acts a little cheeky around you, but she's very shy around strangers.

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Other Appearances[]

Venus Eleven Vivid![]

Chiru makes an appearance alongside Risu, Kurona and Nanako in Venus Eleven Vivid! as part of a collaboration. [1]


  • "Yeah, don't call me that. The name's "Chiru"... Chiru Kondo." (After being called neighbor by Risu)
  • "Hwah?! Why didn't you say so earlier?! Nii-sama, you pervert! I'm done with you for today!"
  • "Nice legs?! Nii-sama, do you have a foot fetish...?"
  • "Fine! How's this?!" (Confession)
  • "Don't dodge, okay?" (About to attack)
  • "Stay still!" (Attacking)
  • "This is revenge, Nii-sama!" (Tackle)
  • "Don't move... Nii-sama." (About to kiss)
  • "On your knees, Nii-sama!" (Push)
  • "This is for your own good, Nii-sama!" (About to grind/stomp)


  • Chiru's anti-Goddess weapon, "Neo Heart Blazer", is a reference to "Heart Blazer" from Love & Destroy, Inti Creates's second game as an independent company. This reference is also shared with Copen from the Azure Striker Gunvolt series.


  1. Venus Eleven Vivid! x Gal*Gun 2 collaboration