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Ekoro is an angel in training and is a student at Angel Academy. She makes her first appearance as a supporting character in the PS3 port of Gal*Gun, where she aids Tenzou and Patako during the events of Doki Doki Carnival. In Gal*Gun: Double Peace, she is tasked with helping Houdai Kudoki find his true love as part of her final exams.


Ekoro has blue hair tied with ponytails and some white hairclips, a pink halo, wears her summer Angel Middle School uniform with a blue tie and her skirt, wears her blue and pin shoes with left and right wings on it, wears two pink bracelets on her arms and her wings on her back.


Due to being an angel trainee, Ekoro naturally possesses the power of flight, but she can also grant this capabilty to others, albeit for a limited time. She wields dual pistols that shoot love arrows, which can be charged to up to 32 times their regular power. Only a regular shot is needed for helping humans find true love, however. In her boss fight, she can summon Mr. Happinesses as her own minions to attack the player. In her playable appearance in Mighty Gunvolt, Ekoro can charge up her guns to fire shots that can convert enemies to allies in battle.


Gal*Gun: Double Peace[]

In Gal*Gun: Double Peace, Ekoro is given what should have been a simple task for her graduation exam: shoot Houdai Kudoki with a Pheromone shot to help him find his true love. However, she notices Kurona, a Demon Academy student, plotting to target Houdai for a prank. In a panic, she pulls the trigger while neglecting to disable her charge shot, causing Houdai to be hit with 32 times the normal power required. While she refuses to directly admit fault of the situation, Ekoro now has to help Houdai find his true love before sundown, or his chances at love will be lost forever.


Gal*Gun Returns[]

Official Website Profile[]

A 2nd year student of the Angel Academy, she's kind of nosy and is good at pointing out the faults of others. She showed great promise to be an elite angel, but after she started hanging out with Patako, her reputation around the academy began to tank. At first glance, she can come across as a rather shy and gentle girl. Ekoro looks up to Patako, whose personality couldn't be any more different than her own. Her life's work is to look after and take care of Patako.

In-Game profile[]

She's a 2nd year at Angel Academy. Acts aggressive, but is not so tough. Always cares for her senpai Patako. In a year, she'll legendarily mess up her graduation exam worse than Patako.

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Gal Gun: Double Peace[]

Official Website Profile[]

A 3rd year student at the Angel Academy. Despite calling herself an "elite angel," she finds herself in quite a predicament during her final exam. As a member of the Angel Academy's Airsoft Club, she proudly carries two high-powered handguns that fire angel arrows. Although Ekoro is generally a serious and straightforward type, lately she has come under the influence of one of her senpai angels and has been heard uttering some rough language.

PQube Website Profile[]

An angel in training at the Angel Academy. She's tasked with helping helpless romantic, Houdai, in finding true love for her final exam. After things get a little out of hand, it is up to her to guide Houdai in his efforts and protect him against hordes of his lustful peers in the hopes that she can still pass.

In-Game Profile[]

A third year student from the Angel Academy and a rival of Patako. From a wealthy family who look down on failure, she MUST beat Patako in her final exams.

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Tenzou Motesugi[]

Houdai Kudoki[]

Patako Amatsuka[]

Other Appearances[]

Mighty Gunvolt/Gal*Gunvolt[]

Ekoro appears as one of the playable characters in Mighty Gunvolt aka Gal*Gunvolt. Her unique traits include being able to shoot four shots at a time instead of three, possessing the ability to hover, and a charge shot that can convert defeated foes into allies.

Mighty Gunvolt Burst/Gal*Gunvolt Burst[]

Ekoro returns as a DLC character in Mighty Gunvolt Burst aka Gal*Gunvolt Burst.

Blaster Master Zero[]

Ekoro appears as a DLC character in Blaster Master Zero.

Azure Striker Gunvolt[]

In one of the home base conversations, Joule mentions receiving a plushie of "Angel Trainee Ekoro" as a present.

Armed Blue Gunvolt (Drama CD)[]

In Track 4 of the drama CD included with the Japanese version of the Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack, Teseo summons an Ekoro hologram while fighting Merak. Merak remarks that the character is from a shooting game famous within certain circles.


  • Ekoro has the smallest waist out of all the female characters with given measurements.
  • There is an odd inconsistency regarding Ekoro's eye color. Within the Gal*Gun games, she seems to have light blue eyes. In her art for the Mighty Gunvolt games, however, she has dark green eyes.
  • Including crossovers and cameo appearances, Ekoro is the most commonly recurring Gal*Gun character. She's appeared in the 2012 release of Gal*Gun, Gal*Gun: Double Peace, a playable character in Mighty Gunvolt and Mighty Gunvolt Burst, accompanies Tenzou as a playable character in Burst, is a playable character in Blaster Master Zero, and has had two mentions and one cameo in Azure Striker Gunvolt and its outside media.