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Houdai Kudoki is a 2nd Year student at Sakurazaki Academy. He is a stereotypically indecisive lame guy, who has never been in a relationship.


He wears a male 2nd year Sakurazaki Academy uniform, which is white button up shirt with a striped collar and a black shirt underneath. He has black cowlicked hair and black eyes.


As he walked in the Sakura Road to the Academy. Ekoro had a tasked with shooting him that he may find romance by becoming a lot more attractive. Things go awry and he ends up being shot with too much cupid energy. This makes all the girls in Sakurazaki Academy attracted to Houdai. Which he was surrounded by girls that they want to go out with him or become their girlfriends. Then stuck in his aura of "fascination" he must shoot the girls of the Academy with his pheromone shot to get away as he finds his true love.


A 2nd year student at Sakurazaki Academy. He has been shy since he drifted apart from the Kamizono sisters. He can always be relied on to say stupid stuff without thinking.


  • "Popular? Madly in love? Huh?! Weak spots? What? What?! WHAT?!"
  • "If I were to tap your butt like a drum... It could end up making a pretty good sound."
  • "Huh?! Butt? What's a butt? No butt! I didn't see your butt, no, not at all! I'm not lying..."
  • "I...I...I... I want to be your dog!"
  • "Can you show me your boobs? When you're depressed, it's a good idea to show your boobs to me."
  • "Would SOMEBODY please DO SOMETHING?!"


  • Due to the Unseen Destiny Route in Double Peace, Houdai is technically the Gal*Gun protagonist with the most potential love interests.
  • Unlike Tenzou, Houdai seemingly is not referenced in Gal*Gun 2. Interestingly though, the portrait for the Gal*Gun 2 protagonist in the Wanted Poster DLC item seems very similar to his own, just with the Pheromone Goggles obscuring his face.
  • Given comments from Kirara Kurashiki, he seems to potentially be a key figure in preventing a "hopeless future".