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Kaname Nonomiya is a 2nd Year student attending class 2-B at Sakurazaki Academy and one of the potential love interests for Tenzou Motesugi in Gal*Gun.

In Gal*Gun: Double Peace, Gal*Gun VR, and Gal*Gun 2, she does not appear.

Her credits theme is ゆびきり/ Pinky Promise.


Kaname has long, dark blue hair that reaches down to her waist, with a hair band near the its end. She also wears hair accessories with X shapes on the front. Additionally, she has an ahoge, and has red eyes.

Kaname wears the Sakurazaki 2nd year student uniform, although she leaves her midriff partially exposed unlike the other students. On her legs, she wears white leggings with red ribbon woven into the top, and sports brown shoes.


Gal*Gun Returns website profile[]

A 2nd year student, she's Tenzou's childhood friend and is a kind, but a bit meddling type of girl. Her family lives at a shrine where she works as a shrine maiden. She is completely obsessed with anything involving ghosts and spirits, and goes into full super-fan mode whenever she comes into contact with them. When it comes to romance, she has a tough time sharing her feelings and is not good at even talking about it. While she's not very athletic or physically fit, good luck trying to stop her if she's on a rampage about something. She's also quite an airhead.

Gal*Gun Returns in-game profile[]

Tenzou's childhood friend, she's a shrine maiden who lacks confidence in romance. She overcame her fear of spirits, became a fan, and joined the Ghost Hunters Club.

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Gal*Gun Returns[]

  • "Happikuru Happikuru Happikuru..." (Summon Spell)
  • "Mr. Happiness! Make Tenzou verrry happy!"
  • "Cross your heart and hope to die. Break it once and you'll regret it. I'll expose your childhood secret." (Doki Doki Carnival)


  • In Gal Gun Double Peace onwards, the Occult Club room has become the Forbidden Room, with roots and talismans spread throughout the room. This indicates that the tentacle monster from Kaname's route was summoned and defeated, which may imply that the events of her route are canon.
  • Additionally, Mr. Happiness only begins to appear throughout the school from Double Peace onwards. Since one of Kaname's attacks in her boss fight summons Mr. Happinesses to drop on Tenzou, this may be another indication that her route is what future games follow.
  • Due to having a different VA in Returns, Kaname's credits theme was rerecorded with the new VA likely for the sake of consistency.
  • Furthermore, the version of Kaname's credits theme from the drama CD and Returns have an instrumental at the end of song that isn't present in the first OST CD version.