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Kaoruko Sakurazaki is a 3rd year student who attends Class 3-D at Sakurazaki Academy. She is the only daughter of the Sakurazaki Conglomerate and a potential love interest from Gal*Gun and Gal*Gun Returns.

In Gal*Gun: Double Peace, Gal*Gun VR, and Gal*Gun 2, she does not appear due to her graduating. However, she has several statues dedicated to her.



A tall girl with deep blue eyes and very long blonde hair worn in loose drills held by maroon ribbons that wrap around the base. She has a single, chest-length curling strand of hair that hangs from this over her shoulders. Her bangs are neatly brushed and spread out, and her forelocks are layered.

With her school uniform she wears black tights.


She has an exceptionally high pride and does not forgive insolence or those who defy her whim. She has an interest in painting, and met Tenzou as a child when he stumbled upon her painting as a child, chasing after his ball. She had him model for her afterwards.


Gal*Gun Returns website profile:[]

A 3rd year student, she's the only daughter of the head of the extremely wealthy Sakurazaki conglomerate. She's incredibly prideful and confident. She's usually a kind girl, but she is not afraid to unleash her fury against those who slight her in some way. She's very popular with guys and gals alike, to the point where there are multiple fan clubs for her in the academy. Joined the art club because she enjoys painting. She also excels at many sports at a near-pro level, with the one exception of swimming.

Gal*Gun Returns in-game profile:[]

The powerful Sakurazaki family's sole pride and joy. Nobody can defy her. She has a passion for art, and her paintings are highly valued by collectors.

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  • In Gal*Gun 2, Nanako recalls seeing Kaoruko riding a pink limo in an optional conversation with her.
  • In an optional conversation with Joule in Azure Striker Gunvolt, Gunvolt and Joule remember a commercial jingle from Sakurazaki Motors, a company that sells pink cars.
  • In the Armed Blue Official Soundtrack, the Sakurazaki Motors Commercial Song is the 42nd track on the disc
  • Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 introduces Quinn Sakurazaki, an illegitimate child from the Sakurazaki family.
  • In Gal Gun's dressing room mode, Kaoruko is equipped with a contacts case by default. This implies she may be wearing contacts, and thus has poor vision.