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"I like floating in the water... It feels good..." ― Kazusa Kuchiki[source]

Kazusa Kuchiki is a 1st Year student attending Class 1-A at Sakurazaki Academy. She is an NPC character in Gal*Gun: Double Peace and Gal*Gun 2.


Kazusa has short light blue hair, the ends above her shoulders. She has two hair buns. Her eyes are light blue. She wears the 1st Year red summer uniform. She wears white tights.

Memo & Student Handbook[]


Gal*Gun: Double Peace[]

One of the quietest girls on the swim team, she's actually an excellent swimmer. If she was a bit more competitive, she'd have a way better record than she currently has.

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Student Handbook Location

Her student handbook can be found at Shoe Lockers, Episode 4-1.

All Clothing Locations


Any route, Episode 1-1 (Sakura Road)

Gym Clothing

Any route, Episode 4-1 (Shoe Lockers)

Sisters and Unseen route, Episode 6-1 (Cave 2)


Ekoro route, Episode 5-2 (Dressing Room 2) 

Sisters route, Episode 6-2 (Cave 2), in the shower room 

Gal*Gun 2

A real airhead on the Swim Team.

Her favorite thing to do is float around in the water, which she often does before practice.

Though she likes drifting about, she caused a panic when other members of the swim team mistakenly thought she was drowning. She's learned to drift in moderation since then.

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