Kurona is a mischief demon girl and a third year Junior student at the Demon Academy Middle School, who is also getting Houdai and Ekoro in her way. She has a make-up exam, because she wants to pass the exam, before completing her stamp card that she gave with her Demon Lord. She went to earth to do mischievous things. And she notices Houdai Kudoki has her target, but she tried to avoid to lose.

Appearance Edit

She is a mischievous, heartless, and cowardly demon girl, she has dark red short hair, her eyes is red. She wears a collar and a skull around her neck. She wore her black frilly summer junior Demon Academy uniform, with a long black socks, and red boots. She often carry her demon spear. Her measurement for breast is 71 cm, waist is 53 cm, and hips is 77 cm.

Abilities Edit

Kurona's abilities that she can fly and wield her demon spear which makes the girls fall in love with Houdai in a more physical fashion, which includes injuring or torture him in a fashion similar to bondage. She can also summon her mini demon by possessed other girls to attempt to love with Houdai as a torture. She can also fire black matter on her staff.

Extracurricular Activities Edit

She joined the Go Home Club.


Gal*Gun: Double PeaceEdit

In Gal* Gun Double Peace, she will try to accomplish her mischief exam, and she will not give up until her stamp card is complete. But Houdai and Ekoro try to stop her.


A third year student at the Demon Academy. She's beautiful, but a bit of a weakling. She over compensates by playing tricks on people - but she gets carried away too easily.

Weak and Weakest Spot

Weak Spot - Left Ear | Weakest Spot - Tail

Other AppearancesEdit

Mighty Gunvolt Burst/Gal*Gunvolt BurstEdit

Kurona appears as part of the Rivals DLC Character Set in Mighty Gunvolt Burst aka Gal*Gunvolt Burst.


Gal*Gun: Double PeaceEdit

  • "Humans...must be MASSACRED! DEATH!! DEATH!! DESTROY!!!!" (Possessed)
  • "Obliterate...humans!! KILL THEM ALL!!!" (Possessed)
  • "I'll never...forgive you, man!! DEATH! DEATH! DEATH!!! GENOCIDE!!!" (Possessed)

Gal*Gun 2Edit

  • "Kyehehehehe! Don't even bother getting the HELL up. The dirt's the perfect place for a cheru-bimbo like you!"
  • "Hurry the HELL up and answer!"
  • "Death and Death-truction!" (Attacking)
  • "Get the HELL down!" (Tackle)
  • "HELL, this is just a prank, okay...?" (About to kiss)
  • "Kneel the HELL before me!" (Push)
  • "My feet feel HELLA good, don't they?!" (About to grind/stomp)

Gallery Edit

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  • Kurona tends to say "HELL" in most of her sentences. In Japanese, she ends her sentences with "desu" or "DEATH".

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