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Mafuyu Yanagida is a 3rd year student from class 3-E at Sakurazaki Academy and a recurring NPC in the Gal*Gun series. She earns the nickname "Yanagida-san the Repeater" because of her poor attendance record and has to repeat her current year in school.


Mafuyu has black medium sized hair with her bangs covering up her right eye and wears a green summer uniform for 3rd Year students and black pantyhose.


Gal*Gun Returns

The head of the Ghost Hunters Club, she keeps the room dark since she's pretty sensitive to light. Loves a good mystery and insists she has spiritual powers.

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Gal Gun: Double Peace

A mysterious loner who's always wandering the campus as though she's looking for something. She had to repeat her year in school as her attendance record was so terrible.

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Gal*Gun 2

The Occult Club president who is currently repeating a school year. Her nickname is Yanagida-san the Repeater. She's frequently seen tottering around the halls aimlessly, but rarely goes to class. It's rumored she won't be able to graduate this year, either.

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Gal*Gun: Double Peace[]

  • "Wanna get under the umbrella with me...?"

Gal*Gun 2[]

  • "My graduation day... I sense it is still far away..."
  • "So that's what it is... Your guardian spirit..."
  • "Did you know that the spirit of a former student resides in our school...?"
  • "Let's seal a blood pact..." (Kiss offer)
  • "Let's share a tomb together... Heheheh." (Kissed)
  • "Yes... I shall curse you..." (Kiss refused)
  • "On your knees..." (Foot kiss offer)
  • "That's it...that's the spirit...!" (Foot kissed)
  • "Come! We shall fill the world with boundless darkness!" (After foot kiss)
  • "You fool..." (Foot kiss refused)