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Maya Kamizono is one of the main heroines from Gal*Gun: Double Peace. She is a 1st year student attending Class 1-B at Sakurazaki Academy. She is a demon hunter and is one of the main love interests for Houdai Kudoki.

She and Shinobu are the protagonists of Grim Guardians: Demon Purge, a Double Peace spinoff.


In the Gal*Gun games, Maya has short black hair that reaches her neck. She has her bangs pushed to the right side, along with two pointed X-shaped hair clips on that side. She wears a distinct white Oni mask on the left side of her head, featuring pink slanted eyes, a jagged smile, and curved horns. Her eyes are hot pink. She wears two enchanted bells on a pink string around her neck. Maya wears her old school's uniform, standing out from the usual Sakurazaki Academy summer uniform. It is a gray and white buttoned up sailor uniform with a gray skirt. It has a big pink bow tie. Unlike many of the other students, Maya does not wear any visible socks.


In the Gal*Gun games, Maya has paper shurikens and doll-shaped papercrafts at her disposal. In addition to that, she is usually accompanied by a magic doll that is named Houdai-kun.

In Grim Guardians, she specializes in close range combat using magic origami, and is capable of using magical subweapons oriented around utility. These include creating a protective barrier using paper dolls, and summoning a giant origami crane to use as a platform. Due to her smaller size, she is able to crawl into small spaces which her sister cannot normally reach.


Gal*Gun: Double Peace[]

Being one of the main heroines of Gal*Gun: Double Peace, Maya is a romance option for Houdai. She and Shinobu were Houdai's childhood friends, but one day she had to move away due to family business. The two meet again at the entrance of Sakurazaki Academy, but the conversation between them is very brief.

However, Maya and her sister's pursuit of Kurona leads to a fateful re-encounter with Houdai, who is now afflicted with the Popul-aura and is capable of seeing angels and demons. Maya, having enough spiritual power to see the supernatural herself, immediately is able to piece the situation together, but decides not to tell Shinobu or Houdai. Her role in the story is dependent on the route chosen.

Shinobu Route[]

When consulted about a potential reason Shinobu would reject Houdai, she firmly refuses the possibility, stating that Shinobu loves him. During Maya's three years of training, Shinobu would always talk to her about him and sounded happy when doing so. After Houdai mentions that Shinobu had distanced herself from him during those 3 years, she couldn't think of a reason why she would do so.

She secretly follows Houdai and overhears Shinobu lamenting her lack of ability compared to Maya and Houdai. After Shinobu leaves the room, she apologizes for not stepping into the discussion. Houdai asks her if demon hunting is hard on her, and her response is that while it is difficult, it's not impossible for the sisters to handle. She acknowledges that defeating demons is necessary because of the misdeeds they carry out. However, she says that even among demons, some are actually good. Thus, she wants to befriend them, rather than hunt them, if possible. Regardless if they're a demon or angel, she wants to befriend people, not hurt them. After this discussion, she calls Shinobu and sets up a meeting between her and Houdai at the park.

Maya Route[]


Sisters Route[]


Angel/Demon Route[]



Gal Gun Double Peace[]

Official Website Profile[]

Shinobu's little sister and fellow Demon Hunter. She's a kind and thoughtful 1st year. Maya is uneasy talking to people and has a tough time speaking. She tends to leave an impression on others as somewhat of a space cadet, but she's actually quite reliable. When her sister flounders, Maya assists her from the shadows. As a child, she used to play together with Shinobu and Houdai quite often, but 3 years ago she was sent to another home due to family matters. She has not seen Houdai since then. By happenstance, she transfers back to Sakurazaki Academy at the same time as Ekoro and Kurona's exams have begun. She currently attends school in her old uniform as her new one has yet to be finished.

PQube Website Profile[]

The younger of the two siblings, Maya is an exceptionally kind and powerful individual. Maya possesses immense demon slaying powers that far surpass her older sibling. As a result, Maya can not only see demons but angels as well. While both sisters harbour feelings for Houdai, Maya is willing to put Shinobu's happiness first.

In-Game Profile[]

A sweet and kind girl - you'd never know she was a demon hunter. She loves super hero movies and giant robot anime thanks to the influence of her childhood friend, Houdai.

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Student Handbook Location

There is no student handbook in every episode. But you can have her information by completing her route. You need an S or SS rank.

All Clothing Locations

If you want to find all the clothing for Maya, you need to complete the events to obtain her three clothing.

You need to have a Perfect Ranking to obtained her clothing.


Maya route - "Maya's Demon Calling", Behind Gym

Gym Clothing

Maya route, "Maya's Medical Care", Courtyard 1


Sisters route, "Demon-Attracting Balm", Pool 1

Gal*Gun 2[]

A gentle demon hunter.

She doesn't talk that much because she's shy around other people... or so people think, but the truth is she just finds it too much of a pain. If she wants to talk, she'll talk.

Aside from lack of physical aptitude, she's a prodigy, so she helps out her older sister, who's secretly kind of a mess.

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Gal*Gun: Double Peace[]

  • "Ho-nii..."

Gal*Gun 2[]

  • "Senpai, you foot fetishist..."
  • "If it's you, Senpai... I..." (Confession)
  • "I gotta fix you, Senpai!" (Attacking/About to grind/stomp)
  • "Senpai tackle!" (Tackle)
  • "This is how I feel..." (About to kiss)
  • "Hands off!" (Push)