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Midori Hanba is a 2nd Year student who attends class 2-E at Sakurazaki Academy and an NPC in Gal*Gun: Double Peace and Gal*Gun 2. She is a video game fanatic who wants to create her own indie games and the head of the Gaming Club.



Gal Gun: Double Peace

She's the head of the Gaming Club, but she's a REALLY sore loser. If things aren't going her way, she gets salty and changes the rules of the game halfway through.

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Gal*Gun 2

The Gaming Club president. She loves games and wants to make indie games of her own. Unfortunately, her game ideas are so out there, nobody wants to join her in making them. She's trying to learn how to program so she can make the games by herself, but she's already getting frustrated.

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Gal*Gun: Double Peace[]

  • "First stage of love, complete!! Time to move onto the next level!" (Game Over)
  • "You're my loveable(sic) stupid game!" (Game Over)(Possessed)

Gal*Gun 2[]

  • "Will you... kiss me...?" (Kiss offer)
  • "This must be the True Ending! They all lived happily ever after!" (Kissed)
  • "No...why not~?!" (Kiss refused)
  • "Give it your best kiss, okay?" (Foot kiss offer)
  • "The perfect posture for trash games." (Foot kissed)
  • "I'll let everyone know that you're my favorite parody game." (After foot kiss)
  • "You're no better than trash games..." (Foot kiss refused)