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Neneko Kosugi is a former 1st Year student from Class 1-B and a current 2nd Year student from Class 2-B at Sakurazaki Academy. She is a recurring NPC in the Gal*Gun series.


Neneko has short black hair that ends above her shoulders, featuring two cat hair clips. She has red eyes. In Gal*Gun, Neneko wears the 1st Year red summer uniform and blue socks that reach above her ankle. In Double Peace and Gal*Gun 2, she wears a the 2nd Year blue summer uniform with striped thigh highs.


Gal*Gun Returns

A very catlike 1st year. Often spotted curled up in the sun, taking a cat nap. Despite her catlike nature, she's a purrfect swimmer.

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Gal*Gun: Double Peace

A friendly girl from the Swim Team, though she doesn't go to practice often. If it's warm outside you can often find her cat-napping in the sunniest spots of the courtyard.

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Gal*Gun 2

A whimsical catgirl on the Swim Team. She meows and makes cat puns in her speech. Everyone around her seems to treat her like a cat as well. Ever since the end of her first year, she recoils in fear upon seeing a pair of bloomers and says, "They're coming nyao..." I seems to be the result of some sort of trauma, but no one can remember what.

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Student Handbook and Clothing Locations[]

All Clothing Locations


Any route, Episode 1-1 (Sakura Road)

Gym Clothing

Any route, Episode 4-1 (Shoe Lockers)

Sisters route, Episode 6-2 (Cave)


Any route, Episode 5-1 (Track)

Ekoro route, Episode 5-2 (Dressing Room)

Sisters route, Episode 4-2 (Forbidden Room), right fork


Gal*Gun: Double Peace[]

  • "Meow that we're together, let's have all kinds of fun! I also require head scratches!" (Game Over)
  • "Will you brush me every day?" (Game Over)(Possessed)

Gal*Gun 2[]

  • "Neneko Punch!" (Attacking)
  • "You can lick my nose if you wannya..." (Kiss offer)
  • "Well furget you, nya!" (Kiss refused)
  • "Groom Neneko's paw, paw-lease..." (Foot kiss offer)
  • "Yes! That's the cat's meow~" (Foot kissed)
  • "Now you're Neneko's pet, nya!" (After foot kiss)
  • "So feisty, nya." (Foot kiss refused)

Other Appearances[]

Soreyuke! Burunyan-Man Portable[]

Neneko appears as an extra boss in Soreyuke! Burunyan-Man Portable.[1]