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In the first Gal*Gun (and thus Gal*Gun Returns by extension), Patako was an Angel in Training who accidentally kicked off the plot after firing sixteen arrows at Tenzou Motesugi, causing him to be overwhelmingly popular for a day and most girls falling in love with him.

Between Gal*Gun and Gal*Gun: Double Peace, she was turned into a human as punishment for her near catastrophic actions, and thus must live in the human world. As Patako Amatsuka, she is a 1st year student who attends Class 1-B at Sakurazaki Academy.



Patako has short neck-length pinkish hair with a long strand curled up into a spiral on either side of her spread out, partially sticking up bangs. Her forelocks partially obscure her ears, and she has a thick stub cowlick. She has gentle blue eyes.

As an angel, she has pale blue wings and halo. She originally wore a loose, pale pink dress with coral lining the bottom and lapel. The sides of the skirt were cut out to expose her hips, and on the front was a flap held by two, large gold buttons. She wore a coral tie, along with a pair of magenta bracelets to match the cuff and sole of her short, pale pink boots.

In the sequel her outfit changed and now resembles a uniform. The top resembles her dress but with more detail, including red lining and a white pointed lapel, and a red and gold tie. The flap and buttons beneath her navel has become smaller, and on each hip is a buckled strap. She pairs this with a red and white semi-pleat with diamond shapes cut out of each side to expose the hips. Her boots and bracelets are the same, and she has a white choker with a gold charm.

With her school uniform she wears short socks and a pair of pale gold and burgundy sneakers.


A gentle girl with a bright and energetic personality. She can be very emotional when stressed out or after setting her sights on something. She is also loyal and will do what she can to help others, including Tenzou; and with the power of love on her side she manages to encourage him. She is described by Ekoro as being clumsy and needing help with things to avoid messing up, although she is talented and good at her job.


Gal*Gun/Gal*Gun Returns[]


Gal*Gun: Double Peace[]


Extracurricular Activities[]

She attends P.E. class and swimming class, and has joined the Go Home club. She desires to start up the Military Research club though, and actively seeks members.

Memo & Student Handbook[]

Gal*Gun: Returns[]

She's a 3rd year Trainee at Angel Academy, and kind of a klutz. She apparently wants to act mature, but can't hide her childish nature. At all.

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Gal*Gun: Double Peace[]

Bright and cheerful campaigner for the Military Research club. She's been living in the boys dorm since spring, as prefers to hang out with the guys, eating curry and reading manga.

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Angel form Memo

An apprentice angel who failed her exams after the Doki-Doki Carnival. She now has to train as a human, and her personality is getting more and more out of hand.

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Student Handbook Location

Her student handbook can be found at Dressing Room 1, Episode 4-2. Locker room before the alley, hidden inside the plant.

All Clothing Locations


Any route, Episode 1-2 (Entrance)

Any route, Episode 3-1 (Cafeteria)

Any route, Episode 5-1 (3rd Yr Class)

Shinobu route, Episode 5-2 (Cave 1)

Any route, Episode 6-1 (Pool 1)

Shinobu route, Episode 6-2 (Entrance 2)

Gym Clothing

Shinobu route, Episode 3-2 (Gym Entrance)


Shinobu route, Episode 4-2 (Dressing Room 1) 

Any route, Episode 6-1 (Pool 2) 


Gal*Gun Double Peace[]

Unlike the other students, Patako Amatsuka is in almost every level, and is never actively pursuing the player. Instead, she tends to be hidden in more obscure locations or is otherwise difficult to target.

Other Appearances[]

Mighty Gunvolt Burst/Gal*Gunvolt Burst[]

Patako appears as a support character for Tenzou in Mighty Gunvolt Burst aka Gal*Gunvolt Burst.


Gal*Gun Returns[]

  • "Umm... Are you okay...? You look totally worn out..." (If the player fails a mini game)
  • "You've have no guts, huh... I'm so disappointed..." (If the player chooses to give up)
  • "Ahhhh! Tenzou-sama! Get a hold of yourself! Please get up!" (If the player loses to a boss)
  • "That's the spirit! If you give up, it's all over!" (If the player continues after being defeated by boss)
  • "Life is full of surprises." (Game Over)
  • "Hey, these things happen sometimes. Give it your all and try again!" (If the player gets a bad ending)