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Rion Harusame is a 1st Year student attending Class 1-C at Sakurazaki Academy. She is an NPC character in Gal*Gun: Double Peace and Gal*Gun 2.


Rion has long purple hair that reaches past her shoulder, with her bangs pushed to the left side. She has purple eyes. She wears the 1st Year red summer uniform. Her socks are white thigh highs.

Memo & Student Handbook[]


Gal*Gun: Double Peace[]

Her calm and kind demeanor has helped everyone forget that she was a really nasty piece of work in junior high. She's changed her ways now, but it's still not wise to cross her.

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Student Handbook Location

Her student handbook can be found at Pool 2, Episode 6-1.

All Clothing Locations


Any route, Episode 2-1 (2F Stairway)

Gym Clothing

Any route, Episode 5-2 (Cave 1)

Maya route, Episode 6-2 (Tennis Court)


Any route, Episode 6-1 (Pool 2) 

Gal*Gun 2[]

A Drama Club member who gained notoriety as a delinquent at her old school.

She loves theater and tries to be the calmest girl in her club, but whenever she uses her classmate, Anita Bellman, as a gofer, it's hard to say that she's turned over a new leaf.

She doesn't mean to be mean... but she's kinda mean.

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