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Saori Fujino is a straight-laced English teacher from class 2-B at Sakurazaki Academy and one of the recurring NPCs in the Gal*Gun series.


Saori has fair length hair that reaches her shoulders. Her hair is done up in a bun at the back with a golden hair clip. Her eyes are brown. She wears rectangular black framed glasses. Her teacher uniform is a green buttoned up dress shirt with a black tie. Her skirt is black too. She wears black tights.


Gal*Gun Returns

Homeroom teacher of Class 1-C. Strict, yet kind and considerate. Popular with the delinquent crowd. Secretly worried she needs to find a husband before it's too late.

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Gal Gun: Double Peace

A straight-laced English teacher. She cares for her students more than her love life, so she's single right now. Her parents arranged a date but she ruined it by insulting him at dinner.

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Gal*Gun 2

A straight-laced English teacher who's strict for the sake of her students.

She was classmates with Kuribayashi-sensei, but they never agree on anything.

The other day, a delinquent student proposed to her. Since she's almost past her prime marriage age, her heart fluttered for a moment, which triggered a certain amount of self-loathing.

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Gal*Gun: Double Peace[]

  • You're such a crappy student... I'm gonna transform you!" (Game Over)(Possessed)

Gal*Gun 2[]

  • "From now on, we're doing private lessons only!" (Confession)
  • "That won't do! You have to be kind to girls!" (Confession)
  • "Let's get started!" (Tackle)
  • "Will you kiss...a teacher...?" (Kiss offer)
  • "Time for some strict detention lessons♪" (Kissed)
  • "Of can't, huh..." (Kiss refused)
  • You may now kiss the teacher's foot..." (Foot kiss offer)
  • "Now we're a married couple♪" (Foot kissed)
  • "Should we go to Rome for our honeymoon?" (After foot kiss)
  • "But why? Why~?!" (Foot kiss refused)

Gal*Gun Returns[]

  • "You're okay with me, an older woman?" (Date offer)
  • "I made you lunch. Just keep it a secret, okay?" (Happy End)