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Shiho Hoshizora is a 1st year student attending Class 1-A at Sakurazaki Academy. She is an NPC character in Gal*Gun: Double Peace and Gal*Gun 2.


Shiho has short black hair that ends above her shoulders. She has two pink hair clips on both sides of her head. She has two ahoge at the top of her head. She has blue eyes. She wears the 1st Year red summer uniform. She wears black tights.


Gal*Gun: Double Peace

A real eccentric who excels at devising devious tactics for her volleyball team to keep the upper hand. She loves stargazing and has a long-held obsession with horoscopes.

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Gal*Gun 2

An eccentric who loves monsters and outer space. She's a substitute on the Volleyball Team, but her surprisingly effective tactics make her a treasure on the team. She often visits the Astronomy Club to stargaze and search for new monster constellations.

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Collectables Location (Double Peace)[]

Student Handbook Location

Her student handbook can be found at Stairway, Episode 3-2, staircase landing.

All Clothing Locations


Any route, Episode 1-1 (Sakura Road)

Gym Clothing

Sisters route, Episode 6-2 (Cave 2)


Any route, Episode 5-2 (Pool 1), right fork 

Sisters route, Episode 6-1 (Pool 2), right after hiding under the bench