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Shinobu Kamizono is one of the main heroines from Gal*Gun: Double Peace. She is a 2nd Year student attending Class 2-E at Sakurazaki Academy. She is a demon hunter and is one of the main love interests for Houdai Kudoki.


Shinobu has long black flowing hair that drapes down to her waist. She wears two bells that house the guardian that protects her from the powers of angels and demons. As a 2nd year student of Sakurazaki Academy, she is seen wearing the same uniform and, occasionally, the school's P.E. or swimsuit uniform.


As a demon hunter, Shinobu uses a MAC-10 uzi that seems to fire bullets that either blinds vision or deals damage. She can also be seen wielding a M202 FLASH rocket launcher.


Gal*Gun: Double Peace[]

Being one of the main heroines of Gal*Gun: Double Peace, she is a romance option for Houdai Kudoki.

Student Handbook Locations

There is no student handbook from every episode. But if you want to have her information. You need to complete her route, and you need to have an S or SS rank to obtain her information.

All Clothing Locations

If you want to find all the clothing for Shinobu, you need to complete the events to obtain her three clothing.


Shinobu route, you need to have a Perfect Ranking to obtained her clothing, at Gym Entrance.

1st Event - "Shinobu in the Window"

Gym Clothing

Shinobu route, "Her Majesty Shinobu"


Sisters route, "Demon-Attracting Balm"


Gal*Gun Double Peace

A demon hunter of great pride and strong leadership, but pretty poor student record. She secretly enjoys reading those trashy romance novels - but, shhhh, don't tell anyone, okay?!

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Gal*Gun 2

A proud demon hunter.

She's made herself out to be a serious, class-president type, but her facade has been slowly wearing away, revealing that she's actually kind of a mess.

She likes to read young adult novels in her spare time, and tries to hide it from everyone.

Everyone knows.

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Gal*Gun: Double Peace[]

  • "Are you suuure you're not the panty thief?"
  • "Good bye, demon! Back to Hell with you!"
  • "Wha...what are you smelling, pervstation?!"

Gal*Gun 2[]

  • "You foot fetish fiend!"
  • "You're plotting something shameless, aren't you...?!"
  • "Are you stupid...?" (About to attack)
  • "Don't get any weird ideas, okay?!" (Attacking)
  • "Don't move!" (Tackle)
  • "This is how I feel..." (About to kiss)
  • "On your knees!" (Push)
  • "How shameless! You sinner!" (About to grind/stomp)